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Do Not Quench the Spirit

The NT is a life led after the Spirit, for then the believers are sons of God (Rom8:14).


“For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons and daughters of God.”

There are two widely known verses that caution the believer against doing that will jeopardize the relationship with the Spirit.

They are –  do not quench the Spirit of 1The5:19 and do not grieve the Spirit of Eph4:30.

The context of not quenching the Spirit has the context of 1The5:16-23 concerning Christian conduct, and do not grieve the Spirit has the context of Eph4:17-32 concerning the Christian walk.

Both Christian conduct and Christian walk mean generally about the same; it is about the theme of obedience, emulating Christ by fulfilling the love commandments in practical ways.

Contextually speaking from 1The5, not quenching the Spirit appears to focus on inward (for self-benefit) and outward (benefiting others) conduct. 

Do not quench the Spirit is sandwiched between these two forms of Christian conduct.

1. 1The5:16-18 detail the inward conduct of rejoicing, praying, and giving thanks precedes 1The5:19.

2. 1The5:20-23 detail the outward conduct of not despising prophesying, examining all things as per the guidelines of Rom 12:1-2 for the goal of doing good and abstaining from all evil, even in appearance. This outward conduct follows 1The5:19.

Therefore the wise counsel to not quench the Spirit has a specific context. 

The Spirit is quenched when we are trapped in grieves of this world vs. rejoicing in the eternal promises, communing with the world vs. praying, and complaining vs. giving thanks.

The Spirit is also quenched when we despise or resent the gifts of prophecy in others out of envy or doubt, when we neglect to test all things to confirm the will of God and when we fail to abstain from even the appearance of doing evil.

Faith that Transcends

I came across Oswald Chambers devotion titled, Trial of Faith.

See the link for the complete devotion –

I found 4 statements that drew my attention to share here.

God wants you to understand that it is a life of faith, not a life of emotional enjoyment of His blessings.

Faith by its very nature must be tested and tried.

Faith being worked out into reality must experience times of unbroken isolation.

The highest and the greatest expression of faith in the whole Bible is— “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him” (Job 13:15).

Divine Destiny in God’s Will – Accepting Lot in Life


Parental Background- Father was the youngest of 4 siblings who had 5 years of fatherhood with his two sons. Me being the eldest, was 11years old when he passed away at age 44 due to non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My mother was a World War 2 Orphan adopted into 10 children and 4 step-mothers as the eldest. My mum lived life valiantly despite suffering significant brain damage to her prefrontal cortex in her mid-adolescence, her orphan hood, her widowhood at age 39, and single mother challenges. Both Dad and Mum passed away on the same day, 28th Dec, separated 37 years apart.

Family Background – I am married since 1999. My beloved wife is a homemaker. We have two sons. My eldest was diagnosed with autism at age 3 with an IQ range in the late 70s to early 80s and speaking his first syllable at age 5plus. My younger son has challenges in processing nonverbal language that conveys emotional and social information. Against the odds, my eldest son has been accepted to NTU (History), and my younger son has set his aims for undergraduate life.

Developmental Background- I have autism or mindblindness. Despite discovering this at age 49 and awakening to almost normalcy, both my parents loved me unconditionally. I have never received a single rebuke for my lack of social and emotional awareness from my parents.

Educational Background – I have taken my A-Levels twice. Incidentally, my eldest son, has repeated his Primary one. I graduated with B.Eng (2nd Lower) from Nanyang Technological University in 1995. Following that, in 2001, Masters of Science from the National University of Singapore. More recently, I had an enriching experience from the Masters of Arts in Educational Psychology from Ball State University (2020) and coaching training (Level 1 – Transformative, 2018, and Level 2 – Professional, 2019) from Coach Masters Academy in Singapore.

Career Background– Against the odds, I have two professional licenses, Professional Engineering License issued by the Professional Engineers Board and The Registered Inspector License issued by the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Currently, I am retired. Before this, by God’s purpose and will, I was an equal equity partner in a medium-sized fire consultancy firm based in Singapore between 2003 to 2020.

Religious Background- I accepted Jesus as my savior in 1986 and renewed my vows in 1996. My wife and I see our calling in the wayside ministry, reaching the vulnerable that crosses our path. The wayside ministry comprises the 3 roles of the Good Samaritan, the good neighbor, and the Inn Keeper.